Bion Systems commenced research and design of Copper-Silver ionisation in 1997. The technology developed, now known as the AccuionTM platform, is the world’s first fully automated, self compensating, proportional dosing Copper Silver system. The Accuion system is cost effective, safe, environmentally friendly and scientifically proven to eliminate biofilm and a plethora of harmful waterborne pathogens including Legionella bacteria, Pseudomonas, E.Coli and Salmonella.

The AccuionTM Copper Silver Isonisation Unit is modular, scalable technology that can be employed to treat potable water, cooling towers and processed water. Our systems are found in prestigious medical facilities, dental and orthodontic surgeries, aged care facilities, military installations and industrial & pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Units are available in a range of capacities, with throughputs of up to 20 litres per second. The modular design allows the equipment to be quickly and simply installed with minimal disruption to water supplies.

Advanced Proportional Dosing Technology

Amongst the benefits that makes the AccuionTM Copper Silver Ionisation Unit excel, is that it is capable of “proportional dosing”. What this means is that the technology is able to measure the flow of water through the pipe and adjust the amount of copper and silver ions it delivers into the water to suit the demand. This makes the technology suitable for point of entry applications, which is where the water first enters a building.

The centrepiece of the device is an advanced microprocessor that controls the functions of the whole system. An ultrasonic flow meter continuously reports the amount of water flowing through the system to the microprocessor. The microprocessor then adjusts the amount of electricity that flows to the copper-silver electrodes that are housed in the device.

Through the process of electrolysis, the copper-silver electrodes are slowly eaten away and the metals removed from the electrodes are suspended in the water that flows through the device.  The metal is removed as individual, positively charged atoms, which are referred to as “ions”. The correct levels of metals required for effective disinfection of potable water are:

  • 0.4 ppm of copper
  • 0.04 ppm of silver

The AccuionTM equipment is able to consistently do this, irrespective of the water flow through the pipe at any given time. This vital feature allows the equipment to be installed on an incoming water main, rather than relegating it to a closed loop system. This is extremely important, as many biological issues are in the entire water distribution system, NOT just the warm or hot sections. In many parts of the world, it is not uncommon for the cold water mains within a building to reach temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius. This puts the pipe work and water into a critical category, as biological growth is temperature dependant. This fact is recognised by many government agencies, and is stated in their documentation (in Australia, publications from Queensland Health, health.vic and the national enhealth guidelines, for example.)

Of equal importance, the AccuionTM equipment is also capable of compensating for environmental factors. Water in different locations has different levels and types of minerals in it. Even in the same location, water during the wet season will have different chemistry to what it would have during the dry season. The types of minerals and the quantity of them in the water will have a significant effect as to how much copper and silver the equipment is able to deliver. The AccuionTM equipment has the intelligence to determine these factors and self-compensate for them. At the same time, the equipment takes into account that the electrodes are wearing away and compensates for this.

All this occurs with no intervention at all from the operator of the equipment. Even the infrequent replacement of the electrodes requires no user intervention.

Electrodes are also expended much more slowly than other methods of biological control. Whereas chemical treatment may need replenishing weekly, even daily, the copper-silver electrodes generally last from around one to three years in most installations. Equally important is that potentially dangerous chemicals do not need to be transported, handled and stored.

WaterMark Certified

Bion Systems AccuionTM Copper Silver Ionisation units are accredited under the Australian WaterMark Certification Scheme. This initiative ensures that plumbing products are fit for their intended purpose.

The WaterMark logo on a device is the assurance that it has been manufactured to a high standard, with a certified Quality Management System.

In Australia, any product connected to a potable water line must carry the WaterMark approval.


AccuionTM equipment is suitable for a wide array of applications. The primary application is in hospitals, palliative and aged care situations. The equipment is also used widely in residential homes, high density living and in commercial, industrial and agricultural settings. Basically, wherever there are water pipes, there is a need for the AccuionTM technology.

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