1. Eliminates Biofilm

Copper-Silver disinfection has many advantages over other traditional forms commonly employed, but to truly understand the power of Copper Silver Ionisation one first needs to learn about the arch-nemesis of all microbiological disinfection methods… biofilm.

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While many disinfection methods such as chlorine, chloramine, heat and flush and UV Light are effective at killing free floating bacteria in water distribution systems, none of these are able to remove biofilm and the organisms hosted within it.

Copper Silver ionisation has the ability to penetrate biofilm and eradicate the microorganisms residing within there. As the organisms die, the biofilm breaks down and is washed away by the water flow. This creates a totally clean, safe, pathogenic free environment within the water distribution system.

2. Scientifically Proven

Scientific reports from around the planet have proven the effectiveness of Copper-Silver disinfection technology in eliminating pathogens and biofilm in real world applications. For more than two decades, copper silver ionisation has been successfully protecting hospitals and other vulnerable facilities from waterborne pathogens.

3. Real World Results

Copper-Silver disinfection technology has been well proven in the field and impressive results are achieved in harsh real life environments that are far from laboratory controlled conditions. Copper-Silver disinfection has been shown to remove biofilm in deadlegs up to a few metres in length and even in heavily colonised water distribution systems.

4. Long Lasting Effects

Copper-Silver disinfection is not a band aid just addressing symptoms as other methods do. Applying band aids bears the risk of producing increasingly resistant super-bugs. With Copper-Silver disinfection, bacteria are killed rather than suppressed, and their habitat, the biofilm, is removed. Whilst the technology is maintained in peak operating condition, recolonisation will not occur. Even after a Copper Silver ionisation system has been completely removed from a facility, scientific testing has proven that it takes 2-3 months for recolonisation of bacteria to begin to occur.

5. Cost Effective

Compared to the massive labour costs potentially involved in regular thermal flushes or installation and maintenance cost of chlorine dosing systems, Copper-Silver disinfection provides reliable, residual disinfection at a very low cost.

6. Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Copper-Silver disinfection does not introduce harmful or corrosive chemicals to the water supply, nor does it create harmful by-products as other disinfection methods can. The water in copper-silver systems is transformed into a friendly yet powerful disinfectant that circulates throughout the pipe work, eradicating deposits of biofilm and effectively killing the harmful bacteria hiding within; while remaining completely safe and harmless to humans, plants and animals.

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