Pseudomonas is an underestimated microorganism. Health and aged care providers rarely give it the close attention it deserves. Even in water distribution risk management plans, it is often not shown up as the culprit it truly is when it comes to human health issues. It is responsible for a wide array of afflictions to the human body. Externally, this organism gives rise to eye and ear (swimmers ear) infections, skin infections such as folliculitis, abscess’, ulcerations and draining wounds. Internally the organism can infect the urinary tract, lungs and blood. Infections of the blood can then give rise to failure of the heart, kidneys and liver. It can even cause its own form of pneumonia in people, not unlike Pontiac fever, or Legionnaires Disease.

It is recognised that over 10% of hospital infections are due to pseudomonas. These infections are usually severe and life threatening. A scientific study conducted in Korea found that the 30 day mortality rate from these infections was 39% of the group studied. Once contracted, these infections can then be communicated to other persons.

The point that really needs to be driven home with pseudomonas is that this is one of the main offenders for producing biofilm within the water distribution system. You can read our introductory articles on biofilm here.

Once Pseudomonas and its acquaintances are removed from a water distribution system, biofilm is removed from the system. When the biofilm no longer exists, opportunistic organisms such as Legionella and Mycobacterium have nowhere to live and breed.

In summary, Pseudomonas has serious health implications for humans, both directly and indirectly. Copper-Silver ionisation has proven time and time again to be effective in eradicating Pseudomonas. It is important to note that Copper-Silver ionisation is also capable of killing both Legionella and Mycobacterium bacteria. Bion Systems looks forward to assisting you in eradicating these pathogens from your water distribution system.

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