World Leaders In Legionella Control

Bion Systems has over 25 years experience in developing Copper Silver Ionisation technology for the purposes of microbiological control against Legionella, Pseudomonas and many other waterborne pathogens including E.Coli and Salmonella.

The technology developed, now known as the AccuionTM platform, is the world’s first fully automated, self compensating, proportional dosing Copper Silver system. Proportional dosing allows Copper Silver disinfection to be used at the point of entry into a building, therefore allowing the entire water supply to be treated. Traditional ‘constant dosing ‘ units are only suitable for warm/hot water recirculating loops. This innovative technology allows copper silver to be used in situations where the traditional equipment would not work successfully. Some examples include: dental surgeries and chairs, medical facilities, ice-makers and potable water supplies.

AccuionTM technology is suitable for a wide array of applications. The primary application is in hospitals, palliative and aged care situations. The equipment is also used in residential homes, high density living and in commercial, industrial and agricultural settings.

100% Australian Owned

Fully Australian owned and operated, Bion Systems Pty Ltd uses a best practice approach, state of the art technology and extensive in-house research to create innovative and powerful water treatment and non-chemical water disinfection solutions that are rated best in class by industry experts.

A Dynamic and Innovative Team

Our people are experts in the field with decades of experience in the industry. Our dynamic team comprises extensive knowledge in the area of hydraulics, plumbing, water chemistry and software engineering.

This enables us to not only design world-class systems but also actively drive the market development and put our customers ahead of their competition.

Tailored Service

Our scalable Copper-Silver ionisation equipment can be used for microbial control in any environment, from domestic to large-scale industrial applications. It is designed to be effective even in heavily colonised environments and ensures reliable protection from pathogens under harsh, real life conditions. It provides on-going, long-term disinfection for total peace of mind.

WaterMark Certified

WaterMark CertificationBion Systems AccuionTM Copper Silver Ionisation units are accredited under the Australian WaterMark Certification Scheme. This initiative ensures that plumbing products are fit for their intended purpose.

The WaterMark logo on a device is the assurance that it has been manufactured to a high standard, with a certified Quality Management System.

A Company You Can Trust

Bion Systems ISO 9001

If you would like to discuss how Bion Systems can tailor a solution for your needs, contact our team today.

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