The use of metals to combat microorganisms is something that humans have been doing for thousands of years. The use of copper and silver as biocides can be traced back to well before the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations. Anecdotal evidence even suggests that the Egyptians, during the time of the pyramids, may also have used these metals to combat microorganisms.

In more recent times, early settlers moving across the United States of America used silver coins to preserve milk and drinking water. Similarly, seafarers used silver coins to protect their fresh water supplies as they traversed the oceans in their sailing vessels.

Of modern day times, silver ionisation was used on the “Apollo” space programme to disinfect the water on the space craft.

Bion Systems has taken these age-old concepts and brought them into our current era.

Using modern technology, the practice of adding elements to disinfect water has advanced to unprecedented levels with the advent of our AccuionTM copper silver ionisation technology.

How does Copper Silver Ionisation work?