With close to 30 years experience in various aspects of water treatment, Managing Director of Bion Systems Charles Cheesman is proud to have dedicated much of his life to water quality.

Since 1999, Charles has been dedicated to improving water quality, particularly from a microbiological aspect. Whilst designing and building sewerage treatment plants, he began to research non-chemical methods of water disinfection. Of all the methodologies that were considered, copper silver ionisation was the only one that showed real promise. Crucially, it was found that copper silver ionisation was effective against biofilm, the root cause of microbiological infection.

It soon became clear that this technology was perfect for treating potable water applications, to reduce the risks of harmful bacteria, such as Legionella and Pseudomonas in hospitals, aged care facilities and palliative care situations.

From there Bion Systems was born. For nearly 20 years the dedicated team at Bion Systems have continually developed and streamlined copper silver ionisation so as it can be employed in any building or facility to provide protection from a range of microorganisms. Today, the AccuionTM technology, as it is termed, is also used in residential homes, high density living and in commercial, industrial, military and agricultural settings.

During this time, Charles has also been active in developing Risk Management Plans for cooling towers and potable water distribution systems, as well as the forensic study and analysis of water distribution systems.  The combination of this knowledge gives Charles and Bion Systems an unrivalled capability to defend water pipes, therefore society, from waterborne infectious diseases.

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