In modern times, the world has become increasingly aware of the public health risk of Legionella. The laws in Australia are currently being harmonised across all states and territories, outlining the responsibility of individuals and organisations to take proactive steps to mitigate the risk of Legionella infection. Failure to comply with these acts and regulations can lead to serious legal consequences, especially if a person contracts Legionnaires disease due to a lack of duty of care.

Control of Legionella bacteria is extremely important, as once the organism has infected a susceptible person, death or prolonged recovery is often the result. Legionnaires disease is very difficult to treat, so the logical course of action is to effectively control the organism rather than treat the illness.

Where do you start?

Legionella control starts with eliminating Pseudomonas bacteria and therefore biofilm, as you can read in our article on biofilm here.

Copper silver ionisation, as a residual method of disinfection, is proven to be effective against Legionella bacteria. Not only directly by being lethal to the organism floating in the water, its success is also due to the copper and silver ions being able to penetrate biofilm growing inside the pipework of the water distribution system. Virtually all other forms of disinfection are unable to kill the bacteria when it is residing in the biofilm, where it is also breeding.

Bion Systems Technology for Legionella Control

After more than two decades of research and development, Bion Systems have delivered to the world a unique device, theĀ Accuion TM Copper Silver Ionisation Unit.

Facilities naturally turn to the AccuionTM Copper Silver Ionisation Technology as their chosen method of Legionella control due to its multi-faceted approach of:

  1. Killing the free floating organism
  2. Killing the organism within the biofilm
  3. Removing the biofilm

AccuionTM technology is:

  1. Safe and environmentally friendly
  2. Scientifically proven
  3. Cost effective, and;
  4. Provides real world results

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