Similar to a car, Copper Silver Ionisation equipment also needs to be serviced at regular intervals to keep it in peak operating condition. Regular scheduled maintenance is an integral part of the success of the AccuionTM equipment in controlling microorganisms.

Although the technology is robust enough to maintain itself and deliver a consistent output of copper and silver ions, eventually, due to wear and scale forming on the anodes, output of ions will gradually drop over time. At the time of servicing, the anodes are cleaned of scale and checked for the amount of wear. Water chemistry parameters are also monitored at the service.

Typical service intervals for potable water installations are every three months. Turbid water installations are monthly in most applications. These service intervals are deliberately timed so that there is no loss of performance before the unit is attended to by the technician. Keeping the unit in peak operating condition and the level of ions in the water at the optimal level ensures that microorganisms cannot grow in the pipework.

A significant advantage of Bion Systems AccuionTM technology is that it requires no user intervention. Facility managers and staff do not need need to monitor or maintain the equipment, as it is designed to manage itself between services.

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